Calabria Region Cuisine

The typical dishes of the Calabrian region are generally poor dishes and of rural origin. Many of these dishes derive from religious and village festivals. For example, during the Christmas holidays it is customary to put 13 courses on the table, while during the Carnival period macaroni and meatballs made with pork and vegetables are eaten. A fundamental element of Calabrian cuisine is Nduja, a very very spicy sauce that finds various uses in the kitchen for instance .

Calabrian cuisine obviously varies from province to province, a typical dish of the whole region is the eggplant parmigiana:

This dish can be found, more or less modified, like in all the provinces of Calabria.

Most importantly typical and fundamental ingredient of the Calabria Region Cuisine is chilli, both chopped and sliced ​​https: //www.italyfoodshop. en / product / Calabrian-chilli-sliced-delights-of-calabria-950gr /.

Peperoncino is used in many first courses such as fusilli alla silana or in second courses such as calabrese kid or goat stew. Finally, it is also used to make jams, chocolate, liqueurs and ice cream.

The Calabrese Soppressata

It is the only salami in the region to have obtained the Dop mark and obviously also in this salami a main ingredient is chili. This cured meat is made with the best parts of the pig, and its realization must follow a strict disciplinary. Soppressata is used for making timbales, or rustic savory pies, and is also perfect on pizza or croutons for an aperitif.

In conclusion another recipe that can be made with Soppressata are Maccheroni alla Soppressata Calabrese Dop, this is a relatively easy dish to make and that does not take too long, about 15 minutes, for more information: / Maccheroni-alla-soppressata-calabria-dop /

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