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Organic Italian tomato diced pulp with basil Worked within 10 hours of harvesting Biological Fresh taste Cultivated in the Po Delta 100% Italian tomato

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Narrative label Varieties Long-berry tomatoes, including Coimbra, Hercules to give flavor, and other round varieties, for consistency and color, with characteristics of adaptability to the saline soils in which they are mostly cultivated and for their simultaneous maturation on the plant ( from July to September). The brackish water typical of these areas favors the increase in soluble solids and therefore of lycopene, mineral salts, vitamins and sugars, making them particularly sweet. Territories Our tomatoes prevent from around 25 farms in the Po Delta area, between the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna. These territories enjoy the aeration due to the proximity to the sea. Processing The collected tomatoes are processed on average within 10 hours of harvesting to preserve flavors, aromas and nutritional properties. The right sugar content is expressed in brix and monitored at all stages to give our pulp a fresh taste (average brix value: 7). The narrative label is a Slow food project and tells the product, who produces it and the whole chain

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