Biological Deep roots Cultivated in Piedmont and Lombardy 100% Italian rice Ideal for salads and soups

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Narrative label Varietal Baldo, Rosa Marchetti or Ribe, Italian autochthonous established in 1964 the first two and in 1961 the Ribe, used separately according to the availability of our farmers and as indicated on the identity card. Sensory characteristics and cooking times are similar. Farmers See identity card at the bottom. Territory See the identity card at the bottom. Italian seeds sown in April, May and June. Cultivation According to the organic regulation. Rotation with cereals, soy, alfalfa, protein pea and legumes. Fertilization with organic fertilizer (vegetable compost, cow manure, green manure and with legumes) Soil management Leveling to eliminate water stagnation, plowing, false seeding to eliminate weeds, weed control with manual and mechanical cleaning. Treatments Only if necessary and according to the organic regulation. Yield On average 4 tons / hectare. Irrigation Submersion with water coming from springs, from the irrigation consortium and from Ticino. Harvesting From September to October with a combine harvester. The stubble is shredded and buried in the field. Post-harvest and processing After drying with hot air, the rice is sent to the rice mill and stored in dedicated silos. This is followed by mechanical cleaning to remove impurities, husking with a roller machine to remove the husk, selection with an optical sorter, vacuum packaging. To learn more about the narrative label, visit our website: www.alcenero.com The biological cultivation of rice is among the most demanding and requires a lot of work, often manual, due to the presence of weeds. The crodo, among the weeds, is the most widespread; we limit it by cleaning the fields by hand and with a harrow.

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