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Worked completely in Italy Yellow fin tuna – Minimum 20 Kg For an eco-sustainable fishing Tuna in olive oil

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From whole tuna to jar, with passion, craftsmanship and the most advanced technology. These Asdomar threads are made from the best part of tuna and their quality is the result of the optimal combination of craftsmanship and the most advanced technology. High technology in cutting and deep knowledge of the culinary art, as only we in Italy know how to do with experience and tradition, to obtain compact but exquisitely tender fillets. Total craftsmanship in cleaning, performed manually with passion by women who hand down the experience of mother to daughter. The integrity of the fillets and a perfect presentation at the table are guaranteed by a delicate filling of the jar. Only the addition of a pinch of salt and an excellent olive oil complete the processing. Dyes and preservatives are never used and final sterilization ensures the product for a long time. These Asdomar tuna fillets, of the Yellow-fin type (Thunnus albacares), are produced entirely in Italy, where the processing of tuna Yellow fin, with a rosy color, with its typical and delicate taste, is traditional. In the Olbia plant, in Sardinia, the whole tuna arrives, which is strictly controlled and carefully selected before and during processing. From the production code printed on the packaging it is possible to trace all the documents relating to the production chain, from the fishing area up to the name of the vessel with its European health label.

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