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  • Region: Emilia Romagna
  • In the Romagna area of north-east Italy they are traditionally eaten with warm piadina (flat bread). Tasty and very savoury.

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Ciccioli are specialities of the region of Emilia Romagna which have been made for centuries. They belong to the cooked deli meat category. They are made from mostly fat pork and some lean. There are two widely consumed versions. The first is processed in thick slabs. It has a compact but tender consistency and can be eaten in slices. The second version, called ciccioli frolli (crumbly ciccioli), comes in small bite sizes and is dried. In Romagna ciccioli frolli are traditionally eaten with piadina (flat bread) or incorporated into focaccia (a type of bread) dough. Ciccioli frolli are often served with an aperitif. A by-product of the processing of ciccioli is strutto (refined lard), which is white in appearance and creamy in consistency, and excellent for frying. In Romagna it can also be an ingredient in piadina (flat bread).

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