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Shortbread biscuits

with fresh eggs Without palm oil

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Only fresh eggs from hens raised on the ground The Tarallucci are prepared with fresh eggs coming only from free-range hens. This form of farming is more respectful for the welfare of hens because they have more common areas where they can move more freely. Commitments for the welfare of hens have been recognized since 2011 by the Animal Welfare Awards organized by Compassion in World Farming. All the good of awakening At breakfast all your senses can be awakened: take your time enjoying the taste, the textures and the color of the food well done. A portion of 5 Tarallucci (43.5 g), 1 cappuccino (125 ml whole milk + coffee) and 1 mala (150 g) provide you with 371 kcal (equal to 19% of the daily energy requirement calculated on a 2000 kcal diet) . The good you can’t see – This pack keeps the fragrance intact and is entirely recyclable on paper. – All our biscuits are without hydrogenated fats and without colorings. They are also prepared without the use of preservatives: it is therefore recommended to keep them in a cool and dry place.

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