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With a bright golden yellow color and a flavor of a precise personality, the Strega liqueur has been called “liquefied ray of sunshine”. The name comes from the legend of the Witches of Benevento according to which there was a love filter, prepared by the Witches to unite forever the couples who drank it. The Strega liqueur is the oldest and most famous Italian liqueur, a recipe from 1860 that has been handed down for generations and that more than 450 companies have tried to imitate. It comes from hot distillation in small stills of about 75 prized herbs and spices from around the world, infused with alcohol and saffron to infuse it with its characteristic color; a long seasoning in oak vats allows to maintain the characteristics of the herbs intact. It is a “conversation” liqueur for the after meal, late afternoon hours or as a completion of a dinner. It can be enjoyed smooth, with ice or combined with desserts, ice cream, bitter coffee or hot chocolate. Its versatility makes it ideal as an ingredient in refined long drinks and cocktails: to get to know them and make them, just request them from Strega Alberti Benevento.

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