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History There are many legends aimed at revealing the origins of Krumiri, a specialty of Casale Monferrato. Some refer to the desire to pay homage to the sovereign Vittorio Emanuele II and his famous “handlebar” mustache. Others tell of legendary soldiers of fortune, the Krumiri, who fought in Casale Monferrato centuries ago. True and false that these legends are, everyone agrees that the Krumiri Bistefani are the best. Of legendary the Krumiri Cacao Bistefani not only have the origins but above all the unmistakable taste of the original recipe of Casale Monferrato, which derives from the highest quality ingredients and from the passion with which they are prepared. Their shape makes them unique, timeless and able to sweeten every moment of the day. Shortbread or pastries? Krumiri! The day is sweeter if it takes the right turn … goodness has its shape! Let yourself be swept away by the strong taste of Krumiri Bistefani at any time, from breakfast to after meal. No yeast, preservatives, dyes, hydrogenated fats

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